The Purpose and Objectives of The Relationship Project

The Relationship Project seeks to create a space in the Church where teens experience Christ’s unconditional love and feel a deep sense of belonging, ultimately resulting in a generation of teens who continue to turn towards the Church throughout their lives.

The Objectives of The Relationship Project are: 

  1. To facilitate transformative conversation around the challenging realities of our fallen world 
  2. To teach the Church’s timeless truth and response to the topics most pertinent to teenagers’ lives in a language they understand and in a method that appeals to them
  3. To equip clergy and youth workers to engage and guide their youth around the challenging realities of our fallen world
  4. To facilitate deep and meaningful relationships between leaders and their teens, which will serve as a context within which the youth are transformed and inspired to walk the path of the Church

The curriculum is crafted to meet the needs of high school students. The topics address issues that are pertinent to the lives of teenagers and the discussion questions are crafted particularly for the adolescent stage of life. The curriculum does not presuppose a certain level of knowledge. The lessons are appropriate for teens at all stages in their faith.

The curriculum is also designed to facilitate the growth of meaningful relationships between the teens and their leaders as well as their peers. The discussion questions are intentionally crafted not just to encourage reflection and growth within each teenager but also to promote the building and deepening of relationships within the youth group. In running this program, the facilitator is not just teaching great content, they are entering into a transformative relationship with their youth.