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Your Youth Ministry Makeover

Let's face it: engaging teenagers in a youth ministry program isn't always easy. But it is possible!

Through these videos and downloads we offer you practical tools and guidance on how to revitalize your Youth Ministry Program.

How to Identify and Navigate “Red Flags” in Youth Ministry

As Youth Workers, when we offer teens a space to share honestly and when we invite them to reflect, we have to be prepared to respond when sensitive information is shared or if the reflection raises an intense emotional response. This is a guide on how to navigate such situations in your Youth Ministry.

13 Reasons

Why We Must Engage with Our Teens

By, Dr. Philip Mamalakis, M.Div., Ph.D., LMFT

This is a resource for parents, clergy, and youth workers! In this eBook, Dr. Mamalakis offers us a response to the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. He gives insight into difficult teenage realities and shares practical guidance on how to engage with our teens at a time in their lives where it seems most difficult.

10 Ways to Form Meaningful Relationships With your Teens

The real work of youth ministry takes place in the context of relationships. It is through deep and real relationships that our teens experience the transformative love of Christ. Ask any youth worker and they’ll tell you, it can be hard to get through to our teens to build meaningful relationships. That’s why we’ve created a collection of tips to better equip you!